Easy To Use Cable Systems near York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, PA

Structured cabling is the backbone of any network. Let CAS Solutions set you up for success with a well-organized, efficient network that can support your system for years to come.

Our cabling installations stand the test of time and our attention to detail makes future projects easy as your needs change. CAS Solutions takes pride in ensuring that our copper is labeled properly, run professionally, and documented in detail to give your building or organization the foundation it needs to grow.

Whether you are starting from scratch or surviving a mess, let our Certified Technicians help you with all of your structured cabling needs.


Clean, Organized, Customizable Ethernet Wiring

Cat 6 and Cat 6A Networks

Upgrade your LAN to a future-proof network. CAS Solutions can work with your existing wires and incorporate new wiring into a system any IT professional will be able to understand and maintain.

Millville Area School District

Millville, PA
"Millville Area School District's cat5 network was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. CAS Solutions stepped up providing fiber optic uplinks, CAT 5e to CAT 6A and CAT 6 upgrade, wireless access points, cable management, and switches through the district's three buildings including the district office. With every classroom now receiving at least five color coordinated cable drops, the students and teachers are ready to excel."

Pequea Machine, Inc.

New Holland, PA
"Pequea is committed to a family friendly business model blended with innovation and growth. Pequea, Tradition in Progress. CAS Solutions has provided Pequea Machine shop with multiple access points and cabling that will withstand the harsh environments of their warehouse. While including an outdoor access point that guarantees connectivity inside and outside their workplace."

Low Voltage, High Performance

Category 6a Ethernet cable isn’t just for data anymore. Whether in new construction or just in need of your cabling, more and more organizations are choosing to upgrade CAT 6a Cable.

Cat 6A cabling can handle frequencies up to 500mhz - double that of Cat 6, greatly increasing performance. When properly installed, Cat 6A can run up to 10 Gigabit per second for the full length of your cables, allowing your wired and wireless networks to keep up with faster and faster devices.

More than just Data, CAT 6A allows for higher powered POE devices including LED lighting that can replace traditional lighting systems. This lower voltage lighting allows for safer less expensive installation and maintenance, lower energy costs, and the ability to include sensors in the lights that allow for automated control and even more energy efficiency.

As new technology emerges CAS Solutions aims to create buildings that are not only smart ,but also connected, secure and easy to manage.

Work At Lightspeed With Fiber Optic Cabling

Slow networks impede productivity and waste time. They frustrate you and your employees, and a slow network has a negative impact on your ability to keep pace with your competitors. Lighter, faster, and more secure - fiber optics systems are your network for the future.

CAS Solutions works within your budget and your timeframe to design and install advanced fiber optics networking. This gives you the fastest speeds available and helps ensure that your company stays ahead.

Fiber optics carry information through pulses of light instead of electrical currents. Information travels, quite literally, at the speed of light. With transfer rates up to 10 Gbps, your network won't be a limiting factor.
In today's competitive landscape, companies and institutions like yours need all of the advantages they can get in order to remain relevant and competitive. Our network professionals make it easy for anyone to have and manage a top-of-the-line physical network.

Call CAS Solutions today at 844-943-4227 to discuss your needs, and discover how an efficient network can set your organization up for success.