Cameras and Security Alarm Installations near York and Harrisburg, PA

Your institution is safe with security and alarm installations from CAS Solutions near York, PA. Our experts plan, install, and maintain your security and surveillance needs with pride.

Nearly every building is unique, and our depth of experience and technical background allows us to be flexible and responsive to your needs.

Cameras and CCTV

With so many styles of cameras and systems, it pays to have CAS Solutions guide you through the process.
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Hikvision is the largest manufacturer of video surveillance products in the world. Our professional series products offer the utmost in quality and performance while retaining a competitive price that makes them a valuable component of any security solution.
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Avigilon designs and manufactures innovative, high-definition surveillance solutions featuring self-learning video analytics. Our HD network video management software (VMS), self-learning video analytics technology and megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality, broad coverage and a focus of attention to quickly respond to events. Avigilon components can work together in a complete solution or with your existing systems to enhance their current capabilities. We offer a variety of configurations that let you customize your own powerful, scalable and cost-effective surveillance solution.


Surveillance Systems

CAS Solutions offers several surveillance system options for one location or multiple networked locations. Our systems are designed to fit the number of camera's, type of system, and cost that's affordable and practical.

We also offer remote access, wireless cameras, pan-tilt zoom, and various amounts of storage… get the system you need without excess bells and whistles, so your project stays within budget.

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Fire and Security Alarms

Visual surveillance isn't always enough to react to emergencies. Rely on custom alarm systems to get emergency personnel or police to your location when you need them.

CAS Solutions custom designs each alarm system based on what you need to protect. Traditional, analog technologies give you reliability in any situation, while new advances in wireless technology give you unparalleled flexibility.
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